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So you're considering self-publishing your book... World-wide, more than ever before, people just like you are publishing their own books. The increase in activity in this area is driven by the reduced costs offered by new publishing technology and the emergence of affordable personal computer systems and communications. You're off to a flying start by this visit to our website so please take the time to browse the information available here then please tell us about your project by using our enquiry form.

What we do... We help self-publishers through the tangled thicket which surrounds publishing. Our aim is to have them emerge at the other side with their cherished book in hand. The self-publisher pays us to turn raw material and ideas into the desired product, whether it be a traditional printed book, an e-book on CD-ROM or a book printed by your local copy shop. Much of the raw material and ideas will necessarily come from you, but they also can come from us. Your book is important to you and we recognize this by providing personal service for every project. 
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What's it going to cost?.. Every book is different and the cost depends on numerous factors. Before the project starts you will know the cost because we will give you a fixed price for our involvement. All we need is a clear definition of the extent of our involvement and this can usually be arrived at during a question and answer session over the phone. 
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Can I choose my printer?.. Of course, if necessary with our help. We believe it's very important that you deal directly with a printer of your choice because you need to make decisions about quantity, paper quality etc. It is also an important part of the education process for new self-publishers and it allows you to shop around for the best print deal. Having said that, if you prefer, we can arrange the printing for you.  
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Printed book or e-book?.. While most self-publishers specify a printed book, some have never considered the alternative, an e-book. In situations where limited distribution of the book is required (eg for such publications as family histories), all self-publishers should seriously consider the enormous advantages (speed, flexibility, lower cost, better presentation) of an e-book which is readable in full colour on everyday computer systems, and printable by anyone who has access to an appropriate desktop printer. You almost certainly understand the advantages and disadvantages of traditional books, so do yourself a favour, and check out the characteristics of e-books. 
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Indexing... Many books can benefit from the inclusion of a comprehensive index. If you need one, we can generate a comprehensive index automatically for a small extra charge.

Some recent projects

Rhodesian Ridgeback Pioneers

Linda Costa self-published this tribute to the pioneer breeders of the popular Rhodesian Ridgeback. Hard covered, 184 pages, over 130 images.
[ website ]

B&B & More
The B&B Recipes Book

Wendy Newman, former teacher, embarked on her publishing career with this brilliant idea. 192 internal pages, multiple indexes of recipes, numerous photos.
[ website ]

The Organic Factor

Australia's organic food guru Paul Rogers' latest book. 
288 internal pages, comprehensive index.
  [ website ]

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